Dark and Snow

The Adventure Begins

My two players, a gnome monk and elf paladin, left their home villages to journey to the city of Sutalak. The trip was sidetracked when a massive storm blew in forcing the players to find shelter. Fortunately an old tower was nearby. The entrance was strewn with the rubble of a large boulder that once blocked the entrance, but was blown apart by lightning. The players entered the tower and were set upon by a small swarm of rats. After taking care of the rats, they explored the tower. First they encountered a lesser varguille that had made its home in the hollowed head of a sarcophagus. Inside the sarcophagus they found a ring. Moving on to the next room they found a chest containing a headband, two pearls, and 100 gold. In the next room they fought off two hobgoblins (looting them for two javelins, two sets of studded leather armor, two short swords, and a belt.) and then found themselves attacked by a zombie bugbear knight. The zombie left them knocked out and went in search of other living prey. When the players recovered they hunted down the zombie and finished it off, looting it for a master work kama. Taking time to heal up and recover they continued into the final room of the tower, fighting off a medium sized spider. They then conducted a quick search, picking up 325 gold and a softly glowing pearl.

The storm finally dissipated and they made it to Sutalak. They checked the notice board and asked about a business called the Wreckwater Tavern. After receiving directions they headed off to find it and get a room at a nearby inn. They paid for a room at the Red Roof Inn, a few buildings away from the Wreckwater, and spent the night.

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